A Christmas Challenge: Gather Together!

(I’m reading Little Women aloud to the family, after just completing Narnia… girls request of course!)A Christmas Poem: Gather Together!   Moment by moment, you gain or lose something…  Something, that is here… but now is gone;how to get it back?For tomorrow deceives you;And now seems… right, but is wrong.For small faces growAnd small hands no longer holdWhat was budding is now bloomed; 

I wrote this short poem as a challenge to “Gather Together” this season… But, not just to gather but to truly be together!  I’m NOT a poet but the words just came to me as I thought about my children and all the moments gained and lost.

Coleen and I have had a lot of discussion recently about being intentional with our time and our need to refocus our priorities.  The things I get wrapped up in seem right… but looking back aren’t that important and I’m always looking to tomorrow to make it better.  But, the answer is now… I need to make the time now!

So this holiday season I’ve challenged myself to turn the TV off, put away the electronic devices, and make the time.  The time to read aloud (even Little Women for my little women), or playing a game of chess with my boys, and listen to their budding voices talk about what’s important to them.

Rick Holtz (practicing father)

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  1. Lynn E Estep

    Your family looks relaxed and engrossed in their reading. Merry Christmas to each of you.


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