Costa Rica Approves our Adoption (Whoop, Whoop!!!)

For those of you who follow our social media you may know that we have decided to adopt.  We just received news that the Costa Rican government has approved our petition to adopt up to 5 more children (WHOOP WHOOP!!)  We are so humbled by this… and I mean that!

We are often asked why we want to adopt so many children when we already have 6 biological children.  The answer is simple…


At the end of our days when we take our last breath.  We want to look over our lives and know that we poured our lives out not in pursuit of ourselves, but in the pursuit of loving others.

We don’t expect the journey of adoption to be easy… in fact, we know that it will probably be one of the most difficult things we’ll do.  However, we remember true LOVE is not easy. It often leads us to those the world considers to be the unloved, unwanted, & undesired.

So PLEASE!!!, if you remember our family pray for us!  We will need wisdom, patience, and mercy.



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