Going West – Family Trip to Texas

Texas Family Road Trip 2017

We took a last minute road trip to Texas! It was my birthday and Rick is the biggest procrastinator-good intentions just a busy man! So he had a great idea-lets rent a sprinter and GO!! He knows some of my best childhood memories were my summers in Texas with my Uncles. So we headed out West.

We knew many hours in a cramped car wouldn’t be much fun so we rented this Mercedes Sprinter from Bandago  in Nashville, Tn.

And from Nashville we began our adventure to the big country…

Just outside of our first stop – Throckmorton, Tx. – Home to Uncle Steve & Aunt KT

Everything is BIGGER in Texas

I wish I could say that was me up on that pump jack… but i’m scared of heights

We had some of the best steaks and hamburgers. Uncle Steve set us up with homemade cinnamon apple moonshine, fresh steaks, & prickly pear jelly.  From there we moved on to stay at the Wildcatter Ranch. This was a really fun place to stay. We got to hand feed some Texas Longhorns.

Hotels = Wrestle Time

On to Fort Worth

 From Fort Worth to Waco TX to See the Magnolia Market Silos

From Waco to San Antonio – Riverwalk & Alamo

After the Alamo it was time to head home

We don’t often get the ability to get away from home & work so this will go down as one of our best trips ever!


  1. Bea Moore

    We have a business we started in 2019. We have 3 sons and just 1 adopted daughter. My husband was in Athens AL for several weeks. Your add popped up on my Facebook feed. So I had to order a phone case. He will be back there in December I hope to come with him and we want to visit your store. ❤️

  2. Vicki McNeil

    I have been keeping up with you on Instagram from the beginning..
    I look forward to each story..each video….each story….God bless y’all…I wish you continued success ..Thankyou for sharing..Vicki


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