Holtz Leather Co. – Featured on “THE SOUTHERN WEEKEND”

To watch the video click the link belowhttp://thesouthernweekend.com/handcrafting-leather-goods-family-affair-holtz-leather/

Huntsville is home to some of the greatest minds and creators, and there is one family in particular who embodies everything that makes this city so special.

Holtz Leather Co. is an American-made family business.  Rick and Coleen Holtz didn’t let a series of heartbreaking events crush their dreams. After four miscarriages in five years and losing their home and previous business, they found a new beginning in Holtz Leather.

Today, the couple is joined by their six children and a staff of talented craftspeople in creating beautiful handcrafted fine leather goods.

In this video, The Southern Weekend’s Molly McKinney meets with Rick Holtz to hear their story, and see how it all comes together.

For more on Holtz Leather Co., click here.

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