Holtz Leather Guitar Straps on American Idol

A Holtz Leather Company Employee Auditioned for American Idol!

We were so excited to hear about the opportunity of one of our own Holtz Leather rockstar-employees (Debosser: Luke Hill) auditioning for American Idol.Luke comes from a large musical family and has been singing and playing instruments since he was 7 years old. The defining moment in the start to his musical journey was not an instrument that he picked up, but a journal. Luke has always been a lyricist at heart and loves sharing his soul in the lyrics that he writes. He claims Jon Bellion and NF as his biggest inspirations.  

 When Luke came to us and asked if we wouldn’t mind donating a few guitar straps for him to hand to the judges we were all for it! The possibility of one of our guitar straps making it to the hands of music legends like Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan seemed too crazy to be true!  

We had all been waiting with great anticipation to see the episodes, as it usually takes a couple of months after auditions before they actually air (the auditions were in October of last year). We were all disappointed to see that Luke did not make it to the finals, but he will be back next year! Holtz Leather is proud of his effort and supports him all the way!  

Luke himself was also very excited to be able to represent Huntsville and Holtz Leather Company, and to give the judges our guitar straps! They loved them! 

To hear Luke’s band for yourself, check out his music video. You can also learn more about Luke and his music on his Spotify channel or on Instagram @lukehillmusic7 .

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  1. Cheryl Krael

    Such beautiful blessings. Thank you for sharing this song and your beautiful family.


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