Now Officially Licensed to Carry the Mark of a Legend – Babe Ruth

The Officially Licensed – No. 3 Babe Ruth – Signature Series – Fine Leather Front Pocket Wallet

This Wallet Bears Babe Ruth’s Legendary Signature

We are proud to announce that our best selling wallet can now be purchased with the mark of a legend. The Officially Licensed – No. 3 Babe Ruth – Signature Series – Fine Leather Front Pocket Wallet bears the true signature of baseball legend, Babe Ruth! It’s truly an honor for us to be able to bring you this unique product, featuring the name of an All-American athlete..

Babe Ruth embodies a time of true patriotism, he gave hope during tough times as he overcame many obstacles, in his way.  He gave the nation something to cheer about and root for during the Great Depression.  His legacy has gone down in Major League Baseball history and the “King of Swing” as he was called, is still considered the greatest player of all time.  What a record, and we have the opportunity to press his famous name into our leather wallet. 

Our leather products are handmade right here in the Heart of Dixie.  We use the finest of Full Grain American leathers, which are handpicked from tanneries in the United States of America.  Inspired by a simpler time when there was more emphasis on family, hard work, and the things that matter–a time when legends like “The Babe” walked among us.  We named our most popular wallet the Babe Ruth because of the positive impact he had on the American people for decades.

Babe Ruth once said, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”  Holtz Leather Co. has lived by these words as we strive to develop authentic fine leather products that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Babe Ruth trademark owned by the family of Babe Ruth and the Babe Ruth League, licensed by Luminary Group,


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