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Holtz Retail In Art

We were recently approached by Amanda Owens @amandaowensart to carry some of her beautiful stationary (doors of Huntsville) in our store front, which we were happy to do.  While talking with her I found that she also would do custom (commissioned) work.  We immediately commissioned her to paint our doors and it turned out beautiful!!  We plan on using the artwork for corporate stationary.  

Please be sure to check out this local artisan and her amazing work!

Fun Fact About Holtz Retail

We never wanted or planned on opening a retail store…  A retail store meant long extended late night hours, big expenses in build out and design, and would it even be profitable?  So many questions.

Fast Forward… The retail store has been a great source of revenue, advertising for the brand, and a morale booster to all who call Holtz their home…. Who knows we may even consider opening another soon!

How it all came together to work…

1.  Not knowing what the success of a retail store would be we decided to use majority of the rented space (upstairs above the retail) for production, and marketing offices.  This helped keep overhead low

2.  We used our existing staff to run the retail on a rotation (no added payroll)

3.  We designed the retail layout using folks who were on staff that had EXCELLENT design skills.  Thank you Sage & Ashley!

4.  We purchased many of our design elements on eBay for a fraction of the cost!  Vintage art, counters, display pieces… etc…

5.  Contracted my brother-in-law to build custom counters, stage, shelving…  This saved major $$$

My favorite thing about our retail store besides our awesome shop keepers (Andrew & Allie the husband and wife duo) is our vintage gold leaf glass work.  This was done by Rick Prescott a local artist and sign maker.  

Drop by and visit awhile you won’t be disappointed!


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