Top Belt Secret Message Ideas for Him

There’s gift-giving and then there’s thoughtful gift-giving. Our finely crafted leather belt can be personalized with a secret message that is just waiting on your loving creativity! 

But, what if you can’t think of anything creative to say? 

Creativity doesn’t come easy for everyone. In fact, creativity doesn’t come easy for most people. It needs a little inspiration, a spark to build upon. So, check out this list of our favorite secret message ideas.  

10 Funny Message Ideas 

funny secret message ideas

1) Yoda one for me. 

2) Your love is like bacon… it makes everything better. 

3) You’re worth the weight 

4) I love you to Disney and back 

5) You’re my favorite pain in the butt 

6) I love you no matter how loud you snore

7) I love you more than pizza and I’m not being cheesy 

8) Honeymooning since (your year)

9) Turn around…mhm…That butt! Lowd have mercy! 

10) Love you I do 

10 Romantic Message Ideas 

romantic secret message ideas

1) I ❤ U 

2) I have found the one whom my soul loves 

3) “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3 

4) Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will.

5) I am yours & you are mine. From this day, till the end of my days. 

6) I love you to the moon and back 

7) You’re worth the wait 

8) To me, you are perfect

9) You have my whole heart for my whole life

10) I love you more than a message on a belt could ever convey 

men's fine leather belts


  1. Shirley Jones

    That is a awesome reminer so family ties and being close to the ones you love and in their hearts and yours . God bless all of you . You do not hear this about a family doing this . Prayers & blessings to all

  2. Jan Beach

    I bought one of these for my husband to celebrate our anniversary and he absolutely loved it. He travels a lot, so my secret message was: “May this belt serve as a constant hug around you while you’re away”

    • Dawn J

      Love this! 💗

  3. Cheryl K.

    Such a beautiful idea.


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