Whole Lotta Holtz | Episode 3

Bonding with the Niños.


  1. Cheryl Larimer

    How lucky are you all to have this new adventure together. So much love to share.

    • Danielle

      This made my heart so happy!! I got Custody of my 2 granddaughters!! Words can’t describe the feeling of that bond and love between the children and us!!

  2. Larry Gentile

    Totally awesome… it’s tough caring for one or two kids, but to raise a family of 11 kids is something unfathomable… Congratulations with all my heart….

  3. Dianna l Thomas

    I have to agree this is such a beautiful story for them all. God grants all the right things for these children ,for a family of love

  4. Holly Thomas

    This is such a heartwarming story, I really enjoyed following your journey

  5. Marsha Wolfe

    Your family is so beautiful! Thank you so much for not only taking this loving journey but sharing it with the rest of us ❤️ May God continue to bless you all


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