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Episode 1

Holtz Family travels to Costa Rica to Adopt 5 Siblings

Episode 2

Holtz Family meet their children!

Episode 3

The Holtz Family bonds, leading up to Gotcha Day!

Episode 4

The Holtz Family explores the start of family life.

Episode 5

The Holtz kids choose new names!

Episode 6

The Adoption is official!

Episode 7

Waiting for Papers to Process

Episode 8

The Holtz Family Comes Home (Final Episode)

Holtz Leather Co.

The Latest

REFOCUS – 1 Year Ago

1 Year Ago Today Our Plane Landed & 5 Kids Became U.S. Citizens “So what brought you to Costa Rica?”  Came the voice from a gentleman sitting next to my wife on our flight back to the states… (crazy that was 1 year ago today).  Coleen and I...

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REFOCUS – Thoughts of A Visionary

REFOCUS – Thoughts of A Visionary

I have to admit it’s so easy for me to lose focus… it comes naturally to me because I’m a “visionary”...  Or at least that’s what Coleen calls me… I think more because I...

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Make the Switch for 30 Days

Make the Switch for 30 Days

30 DAYS TO FALL IN LOVE What's not to LOVE? Make the switch to Holtz Leather's Switch phone case for 30 days and if you're not completely satisfied (we're not sure that's...

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Going West – Family Trip to Texas

Texas Family Road Trip 2017 We took a last minute road trip to Texas! It was my birthday and Rick is the biggest procrastinator-good intentions just a busy man! So he had a great idea-lets rent a sprinter and GO!! He knows some of my best childhood memories were my...

Are We Under a Spell?

(Gabriella & Dad at work) Are We Under a Spell? This picture started it all… (found this gem in my journal after leaving it unattended for a short stent).  My heart melted...tears swelled up a bit! I will never lose this page and it will forever be apart of...


Black Friday is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your shopping plan squared away.  Holtz Leather Co. Retail Store will be providing a day filled with BIG discounts, GIVEAWAYS & Free food and coffee!!!  The fun starts at 7...

We Are Traveling!!!!

After 2.5 years of pursuing adoption, we received our call that it is finally time to go and pick up our children!! Excitement has been high around here as we prepare our entire family to travel to Costa Rica…

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It’s Been 4 Years

It's been four years since the launch of our website, Holtzleather.com.  We couldn't have done it without you! So, we want to say Thanks! 

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Retail Store in Art

Retail Store in Art

Holtz Retail In Art We were recently approached by Amanda Owens @amandaowensart to carry some of her beautiful stationary (doors of Huntsville) in our store front, which we...

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Millworks – More Than A Product!

Generational legacy is core to who we are.  We want to remember the lives of those who have gone before us, honor those who are older than us and mentor those who will be here when we're gone.   Three Generations of Holtz boys ~  My...

Holtz Leather Guitar Straps on American Idol

A Holtz Leather Company Employee Auditioned for American Idol! We were so excited to hear about the opportunity of one of our own Holtz Leather rockstar-employees (Debosser: Luke Hill) auditioning for American Idol.Luke comes from a large musical family and has...

Costa Rica Approves our Adoption (Whoop, Whoop!!!)

For those of you who follow our social media you may know that we have decided to adopt.  We just received news that the Costa Rican government has approved our petition to adopt up to 5 more children (WHOOP WHOOP!!)  We are so humbled by this… and I mean...